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NeweN is a bold initiative from IT Professionals to improve operational efficiency involving human resources in IT and non-IT industries. Our objective is to help increase productivity of your teams by reducing ramp-up time, with readily deployable professionals.

      Corporate Partnership
Understand HR needs of our partner in terms of skills. Technical, Domain, Tools & Process and communication.
Understand the expectations of partner in terms of employment cost, time and productivity
      Design 'Employability Program' specific to the requirement
Plan (Schedule, Activities)
Resources (Mentors and Partners)
Expected Outcome (2 yrs equivalent industry experience)
      Recruit freshers who are committed, hardworking and trainable
Advertise and attract frehsers thru job posting on Internet and referral emails
Screen using online test & interview
      Run 'Employability Program'
Do & Learn: Give real experience with the help of mentors.
Measure employability; give feedback.
Employability Index > 80% 2 yrs industry work experience
      Assessment and Deployment
Partner assess the candidates for the jobs the freshers are prepared for Selected freshers get employed
      A win-win proposition
Partners – you get ready to deploy, professional, experienced team members just in time
Freshers – Get real knowledge to perform and excel in the job; career break; employment
NeweN – Grow a real professional organization with long term benefit

To be a preferred partner of IT Services companies to provide rare and ready skilled human resources


Develop highly skilled professionals for IT Services companies to staff critical projects requirements


We want to be a five hundred strong ready skills company by the year 2013

PV, Brings in 20+ Yrs of IT and IT Service industry experience to the team. Prior to InFI PV was with HCL as Business Unit head and understood the need of the industry first hand. Before joining HCL, PV worked for well-known companies like Chrysler, Bank of America, and Transamerica in US.

Exposure to US and UK corporations gave clarity to the situation beyond skills shortage talked in industry circles to very specific cultural and behavioural attributes. Seriously motivated by Talent shortage and its impact on India’s service lead economy; InFI is launched and its success is more than business.

Ananth Nagarajan is a finance professional with deep experience in running businesses across domains – Financial services and Information technology.He has more than 25 years of work experience.He has run successful business in Financial services and then switched tracks to Information Technology. In the IT services business he has managed business for Tier 1 IT services companies. He has established practices in SAP and Insurance verticals for IT services companies.

As a business leader he understands the drivers and challenges in the IT industry. He handles the strategy and service definition roles for NeweN and together with Rao oversees customer acquisition